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CSR statement

This code of practice for ethics, business conduct and corporate social responsibility in Skandiabanken ASA applies to the Board of Directors and all employees of Skandiabanken ASA (the “Bank”). 

1. Code of ethics and business conduct


1.1. Common basis and values
The Bank’s activities and services depend on a high degree of trust. Trust of customers and society is based on a good reputation and maintaining high ethical standards in all areas of the business.

The Bank shall always conduct its business in line with applicable instructions, laws and rules. The Bank’s values in general should form the basis for all decisions and govern our company culture.


  • CUSTOMER – We put the customer first
  • CHALLENGER – Includes innovation and being different
  • TOGETHER – Together internally and with the customer
  • OPEN – Open to customers, mutually benefit each other, transparent (internal and external)
  • SIMPLE – Making complex things simple for the best user experience

1.2. Employee relations
In order for the Bank to be able to attract and retain capable employees, the Bank aims to create a positive working environment characterised by well-being and satisfied employees, where employees can evolve and combine their expertise with customer focus and commitment.

1.3. Customer relations
The Bank’s operations are based on providing the best products and services possible, in order to satisfy  all customer segments. The Bank also has a great responsibility to comply with the trust from customers, creditors and the authorities.

1.4. Government relations
The Bank shall act with transparency and respect towards regulatory authorities and other government bodies. Enquiries from government bodies shall be answered quickly and correctly, and in line with the Bank’s procedures for contact with the authorities.  

1.6. Confidentiality
Ethical issues concerning the treatment of confidential information and personal data are treated in accordance with the “Board policy for information security and personal integrity”.

2. Corporate Social Responsibility

The Bank’s products and services constitute an important function in the society. Therefore, it is necessary to practice a long-term perspective and manage the business in a responsible manner.

The Bank shall respect fundamental human rights and human dignity as expressed in international conventions, such as: UN human rights conventions, the European Convention on Human Rights and other conventions to which Norway is a signatory. The Bank shall also support and adhere to the principles of the UN Global Compact.

2.1. Environmental protection
The Bank will contribute to sustainable development of the environment and will minimise its negative impact on the environment.  The Bank shall be aware that it affects the environment directly and indirectly through the services and products it offers.

2.2. Combating discrimination
The Bank shall combat discrimination based on ethnicity, religion, gender, age, marital status, sexual orientation or disabilities.

2.3. Support to socially beneficial and charitable causes
The Bank aims to contribute to the development and social integration of children and youth in a positive way.. 

The Bank shall continue its efforts to provide financial support to projects and initiatives that promote inclusion and activation of children and youth.

3. Employee conduct

3.1. Fundamental principles
All employees have a fundamental responsibility to perform their duties and act in a manner that preserves the trust of everyone who has a relationship with the Bank. Employees are expected to comply with this policy at all times and to act in the Bank’s interest.

3.2. Consequences
Intentional violation of the Bank’s code of practice for ethics, business conduct and corporate responsibility can lead to a written warning, termination of employment or summary dismissal. Serious breaches will always result in summary dismissal.