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Magnar Øyhovden, Chief Executive Officer

Born: 1968. Background: Degree in business administration from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH). Øyhovden has worked at Sbanken since 2006, and was promoted to CEO in 2010. Previously CEO of COOP Power Holding A/S.

Number of shares at 31 Dec. 2018: 94 646

Henning Nordgulen, Chief Financial Officer - Deputy CEO

Born: 1965. Background: Bachelor's degree from BI Norwegian Business School and additional education from IMF Lausanne. Nordgulen has been CFO of Sbanken since 2015. Previously CFO of Bergen Group ASA and Corporate Market Director at Sparebanken Vest.

Number of shares at 31 Dec. 2018: 63 691*
*owned through the related company North Hill Invest AS.

Atle Tidemann, Head of Organisation

Born: 1969. Background: Cand. psychol degree from the University of Bergen, and specialist degree in occupational and organisational psychology. Joined Sbanken in August 2018 as the Head of Organisation, with responsibility for HR, Branding and Communication and Projects. Previous experience from the management consulting industry and Equinor.

Number of shares at 31 Dec. 2018: 185

Geir Berge Hansen, Head of Strategy

Born: 1966. Background: Degree in business economics (siviløkonom) from the
Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and degree in engineering from Bergen
Ingeniørhøyskole. Joined Sbanken in 2010 as the Head of Strategy*.

Number of shares at 31 Dec. 2018: 35 461
*Geir Berge Hansen will be acting as Head of Securities until Jan. 2020.

Anne-Christine Fiksdal, Chief Operating Officer

Born: 1973. Background: Bachelor's degree from Bergen University College, and
continuing education from NHHK in business economics and organisation and
management. Joined Sbanken in 2015 and is currently Head of Customer Experience & Growth. Previously Sales Director at Tryg.

Number of shares at 31 Dec. 2018: 47 872

Eirik Christensen, Chief Risk Officer

Born: 1978. Background: PhD in Economy from the University of Bergen. Joined
Sbanken in 2015 as the Chief Risk Officer. Previously Head of Risk Management at
Sparebanken Vest.

Number of shares at 31 Dec. 2018: 11 185

Christoffer Hernæs, Chief Digital Officer

Born: 1981. Background: Bachelor's degree in informatics and natural science, and master's degree in innovation and entrepreneurship. Joined Sbanken in 2017 as the Chief Digital Officer. Previous experience from the management consulting industry and as Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at SpareBank 1.

Number of shares at 31 Dec. 2018: 10 638

Mari K. Rørvik, Head of Securities*

Born: 1983. Background: Master's degree in finance from the Norwegian School of Economics (NHH) and CEMS master's degree in international management from NHH and HEC Paris. Head of Securities at Sbanken from 2018. Previous experience as a consultant in strategy and processes and as a pension portfolio manager.

Number of shares at 31 Dec. 2018: 0

*Mari K. Rørvik is on leave of absence until Jan. 2020.